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Quote of the Year! - 2010

"Early 2011 new years resolution: KEEP THE SITE UPDATED PAUL!!"

~ Paul Barton (4th Dan).



Held at the Mount pub, I mean Wyre Lounge!

Present, Master Jordan, Master Davies, Master Billington, Master Oakley, Mr. Barton,Mr and Mrs Booth, Mr. M. Billington, Ms. Burman, Mr. D. Haines and Master Frost

Topics covered were extensive, including poomse, Aikido/Ju-Jitsu to be incorporated, fees,Student of the Year,together with ex-curriculae activities, including politics, religion, and some topics which cannot be repeated. There was also a selection of good jokes, very funny after several Lancaster Bombers.

Last item on the agenda, time and place of next meeting!


Congratulations to the following members.

Master Chris Frost 6th. Dan

Master Tony Frith 6th. Dan

Mrs. Julie Booth 3rd. Dan

Mr. George Booth 3rd. dan

Ms. Catherine Bamber 3rd. Dan

Thanks to Master M.K. Jordan 7th. Dan for officiating and Master Raymond Billington 4th. Dan for taking the floor.

National Poomse and 1-on-1 Fighting Comp

UK Taekwondo Development Council are holding a National Poomse championships. There will also be a 1-on-1 fighting competition.

Sunday 14th June at Blackpool Sports Centre. 09.30am to 06.00pm.

The competition is now closed but if you wish to come down and support the club you will be very welcome on the day, spectators fee is £5.00.

The Mounts comp team is as follows: Ryan.C, Jenny.S, Sean.S, Joe.K, Sam.S and Sean.W, all are doing the Fight Comp & Joe is doing Poomse aswel. As the senior competitor and most experienced, Ryan will be the Mounts Team Captain.

Comp-team photo to come.

Paul, 3rd dan (Coach for this event).

Quote of the Month - June 2009

"If there's magic in fighting, its the magic of fighting battles beyond endurance, beyond cracked ribs, ruptured kidneys and detached retiners. Its the magic of chasing a dream nobody sees but you"

~ "scrap" (Morgan Freeman), "Million Dollar Baby".

Quote of the Month - May 2009

"Everyone has a plan untill they've been hit"

~ Joe Lewis.

Quote of the Month - April 2009

"But the fruit of the spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control: Against such there is no law".

~ Paul's Letter to the Galations circa A.D. 62.

Quote of the Month - March 2009

"Knowedge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad!"

~ Unknown.


Mount TKD Badges are now back on sail for £2.60, this is a good, non-profit price. Get one while there are some left!!

Paul (3rd Dan)

New Web Address

There is a new, easier to remember, web adress for this website. The new address is . the old address still works though.

Paul (3rd Dan)

Quote of the Month - December 2008

"Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration."

~ Sun Tzu.

Black Belt Grading - 24th & 27th Nov 2008

Many congratulations to the following successful Black Belt Candidates.

Master Nathan Oakley 4th. dan
Mr. Ryan Cowell 2nd. Poom
Mr. Andrew Burns 1st dan
Mr. Liam Anderton 1st poom

The grading was 3 hours over 2 days, including between 15 and 20 fights of 3 minutes.
One step, self-defence and all patterns were tested as well as the mandatory basics.

It was by any standards, a very taxing grading and the students should be congratulated for lasting the course!

Master Frost (5th Dan)

Kup Grading

Hannah Bailey 2nd Kup, Jenny Salthouse 2nd Kup, Lucy Sharrock 3rd Kup,

Sam Scott 8th Kup (double pass).

Excellent performances, inspiring, future black belts, make no mistake! Well done.

Master Chris Frost (5th Dan).

Quote of the Month - November 2008

"An angry man defeats himself in battle."

~ Sun Tzu.

Kup Grading

On Thursday 16th October 7 begginers and 3 Kup grades graded. The grading was a huge success and all passed. Master Jordan (7th Dan) was the chief assesor for the grading. The results are as follows:


Name Grade Result Grade Achieved
ThomasWhite Belt Pass Yellow Tag
AdamWhite Belt Pass Yellow Tag
ElliseWhite BeltPassYellow Tag
JenniferWhite Belt Double Pass Yellow Belt
HollyWhite Belt Double Pass Yellow Belt
LillyWhite Belt Double Pass Yellow Belt
Mike PilkingtonWhite Belt Tripple Pass Green Tag
MeeghanGreen Belt Pass Blue Tag
ElleGreen BeltPass Blue Tag
ChloeRed Tag PassRed Belt


Congratulations to all who took part.

Quote of the Month - October 2008

"Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself"

~ Chinese Proverb.

Quote of the Month - September 2008

"Do not judge a book by its cover; some older people do have I.T skills."

~ Master Frost (5th Dan).

Kup Grading

The Club held a "mini" grading for four young members on Monday 4th August.

The Four that graded were given a "Training Session" style grading and they were unaware that Master Jordan (7th Dan) was there to watch them. All did very well and the results are as follows:


Name:Pass/Fail: Was:Promoted to:
SeanDouble PassBeginnerYellow Belt
Sean SPassGreen BeltBlue Tag
LucyPassBlue TagBlue Belt
JennyPassBlue BeltRed Tag


A big thankyou to Master Jordan for his excellent grading work.

There will be a normal style grading in September, the date has not been agreed yet but we will let you know asap.

Quote of the Month - Aug 2008

"A willow tree is strong enough to bend."

~ Ronny Montrose Musician.

The Mount Taekwondo Club is proud to announce that we now have a group on facebook. Any members of Facebook can join the group.

We are also pleased to see some old faces from many years ago in the mounts history that have joined the group. So if you are a current member, a parent or an ex-member come and join us on Facebook.

Quote of the Month - July 2008

"If you ever feel that you are too insignificant, try spending a night with a mosquito in your bed."

~ the Dhali Llama.

Quote of the Month - June 2008

"Meglio un giorno da leone che cento da pacora - Better one day as a lion than a hundred as a sheep."

~ old saying (in Italian).

Robert Wright Competition 2008

Well done to all that entered the comp this year, all our students gave it their all, we had 1 winner, 3 2nd palces, and 1 third place. We would also like to thank all the parents and fans that showed up to support us. Below is a video of Naith (3rd Dan) performing a classy combination of breaking techniques that won him the individual breaking section of the comp.

Goodbye to a Mount Boy

RAF Regiment Badge 556x746px Andy (the killer) Kilburn (1st Dan), one of our most talented students with a great personality is leaving us for a career in the RAF. We will all be sad to see him go, especially the origional mount boys, but he has said he will continue his Taekwondo training in the RAF and will come and train at the mount whenever he gets chance.

Thanks for all the great training times pal,

From all your training mates at the Mount.

Quote of the Month - May 2008

"I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand..."

~ "Jerusalem", composed by Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (1848-1918), words from a poem by William Blake (1757-1827).

Kup Grading

Grading 17th. April 2008 Stop Press

Well done to all the students last night; it was the best grading in ages.
Exactly what was needed, plenty of effort and commitment, and I have rarely seen so much etiquette. Master Jordan had a real smile on his face, and as Master Mullaney said "that doesn't happen very often."
So here's to Euan, Harvey, Meaghan, Lucy, Sean, Jenny, Liam, and the Big Yin Andy..

Thanks must go to both Master Jordan & Master Mullany for their continued commitment to Taekwondo over several decades, and to Master Billington and Mr. Oakley for their backroom coaching.

Quote of the Month - April 2008

"I have not failed 700 times, I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work"

~ Thomas Edison

Destruction Session!!!

There will be a destruction session on Thursday 27th march.

The session will be running during the normal session.

Only adults can take part in the breaking part of the training session.

Please try to turn up adults as breaking is an important part of taekwondo and we dont get to do it very often.


Quote of the Month - March 2008

"What could make Taekwondo better?

- More Crisps!"

~ Mhegan (junior Student)

Final Destination

Master Frost and a few of the other senior students are very pleased at our new training facility, as this is where they began their Taekwondo training many years ago under the instruction of Master Terry Clarke.

The New home for the Mount Taekwondo Club is the Broadway Rooms, the church hall belonging to St Nicholas' Church - situated on Broadway, near Blockbuster.

Times are still 5:25pm - 7:00pm and price is still £2.00. We start training here on Monday 18th February. Thankyou to our loyal members for sticking with the club through these last few unsettled months.

Competition at Cleveleys TKD Club

Today seven mount students attended a sparring seminar and competition at the "Frank Townsend Centre" in cleveleys, home of cleveleys taekwondo club. The studnts that attended were: Paul Barton (mount instructor), Matt, Ryan (junior leader), Liam, Andy Burns, Jenny and Kat Bamber (honourary mount student for the day). Paul, Matt, Ryan and Kat already had some sparring comp experience but the others were first timers and all put up valient efforts to bring home this set of results; 2 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss. Not a bad set of results!!

Quote of the Month - February 2008

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you are probably right"

~ ??

Quote of the Month - January 2008

"Allways protect yourself!"

~ Clint Eastwood - "Frank", "Million Dollar Baby".

Quote of the Month - December 2007

"Peace be upon all of you"
~ Master Frost.


Black Belt Grading - 15th September 2007

Belated congratulations must go to the following:-

Ryan Cowell 1st. Poom

Tom Mansell 1st Poom

Jade Burman 2nd dan

Paul Barton Instructor 3rd. dan

Master Ray Billington Instructor 4th. dan

The day was special for many reasons.

The standard  could not have been higher. In a previous grading, I was hoping 4 out of 7 might hit the standard on the day. This time I had full confidence that all 5 would deliver, and they did not disappoint!

Ryan (3 shredded wheat) was like a pocket battleship.

Tom has always been a superb student.

Jade has consistantly trained above the level needed to be put in for the grading.

Paul and Ray have worked as hard as anyone I have ever trained with to achieve their goal.


Its always special to see Youngsters achieve the new black belt.

Its special for Jade as one of our first students to achieve her 2nd dan after such hard work.

Likewise with Paul, who is a natural instructor.

And what can i say about me old mucca? I've learnt a lot off these students over the years and they have set the bench mark for future gradings.


the grading itself was technically and physically exhausting, and was the most comprehensive grading we have ever staged. Thanks for that must go to master Jordan, for an outstanding composition of basics, patterns, sparring(stamina0, one step and street fighting.

anyone getting their black belt on 15/09/07, knows that they deserved to, no doubt at all.



The fitness sessions have been put on hold for now and will most likely start again on Sunday the 25th November. I will keep you posted so please keep checking the website. For now look at some of these pictures taken from previous fitness sessions.

Quote of the Month - November 2007

"Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it"
~ Unknown.


Quote of the Month - October 2007

"Be prepared, plan ahead"
~ Master Frost 5th Dan.


The first adults fitness class went very well today, the class was run by Paul. This week they did "speed" training which consisted of lots of sprinting. The following fitness sessions will be "muscular endurance", "C.V endurance" and "flexibility and balance", then there will be a fitness tests session and then back to "speed" again.

           If you are interested in taking part in the fitness sessions the days and times will be posted here on the website and announced in the club, you will need a bottle of water, trainers, shorts/trackies, t-shirt and a sporty jacket (eg. club jacket). The session cost £1 which will go directly to club funds.


Quote of the Month - September 2007

"Relaxation is the route to longevity. Stress is the root of all illness"
~ Chinese Saying.

Quote of the Month - August 2007

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"
~ Michael Corleoni.


Quote of the Month - July 2007

"Better late than never"
~ Master Chris Frost (5th dan).

Kup Grading

29th June 2007

Well done to all who took part in the grading. Again the club achived a 100% pass rate and the students all achieved their new belts. On the day of the grading the students glowed with skill, but during the lead up to the day they almost managed to give Master Frost a stress related illness. Next time more effort is needed in the training sessions! And avery big thankyou to Master Jordan and Master Mullaney for making up the grading pannel.

"All the juniors did well last night, even the ones I have been tearing my hair out for. Well done to all the students who turned up and got their bellts and results.
Its made me sweat more than any other grading, but once again, everyone did well on the day." - Master Frost.


Quote of the Month - June 2007

"If you snooze, you lose!"
~ Master Chris Frost (5th dan).

Robert Wright Competition 2007

A Very big Well Done to the team that went to the Robert Wright Competition this year.

      Another Successful competition for the Mount Taekwondo Club. 9 trophies in total, 8 individual and 1 team trophy. Every one of the Mount students that entered competed to very a high standard. A special mention for Chloe (junior, green belt) who went through to the Robert Wright Final where she competed against black belts, adults and club instructors. A big thank you to all the families and students who came down to Thornton sports centre to support the team.  

John Sorenson (Competition Coach)

 ChloePoomse (1st Place), went through to Robert Wright Final Trophy!
 Naomi Poomse
 Jenny  Poomse 
 Sophie Poomse, 1-Step (3rd Place) & Junior Team
 Tom Poomse (2nd Place) & Junior Team 
 Liam 1-Step (2nd Place)
 Ryan 1-Step (1st Place)
 Katie (2nd Poom) 1-Step & Junior Team
 Laura Grunewald (2nd Dan) 1-Step (2nd Place) & Senior Team (1st Place)
 Chelsie Junior Team
 Jade Burman (1st Dan) Senior Team (1st Place)
 Sharon Grunewald (2nd Dan) Senior Team (1st Place)
 Andy Kilburn (1st Dan) Destruction & Poomse
 Paul Barton (2nd Dan) Destruction (2nd Place) & Poomse
 Louise Mullaney (3rd Dan) Destruction (3rd Place), Poomse & Senior Team (1st Place)


This competition marks the 1st birthday of the mount website so happy birthday to the site!!

Quote of the Month - May 2007

"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up."
~ Vince Lombardi.

Kup Grading

30th March 2007

It was one of those gradings which went like a dream.
EVERYONE was on the mark, and there were some outstanding performances.
All the beginners were great, and really brought a smile to Master Jordan and Master Mullany's face. (Not an easy ask!)
What has Ryan been eating? Ten Shredded wheat a day. He was so powerful, and only 10 years old.
Sophie had her best grading ever. In fact the higher grades were black belt standard.
The middle-ish grades had a realy good grading also. Jenny managed to keep up to the standard of the higher grades on the floor with her. Chloe, Liam and Andy showed the ability that all green belts/blue tags should perform at, WELL DONE!!   I hope we can carry the momentum on and beyond as we transfer to parmer farr's.

Thanks for a huge team effort again from Raymondo, Paulo, Big John, Louise and of course our very own crinkly ninja Steve and his grand granddaughter Jade, who, at 18, is now an adult black belt.

Master Frost (5th dan)

Quote of the Month - April 2007

"You don't fail untill you stop."
- Unknown.

Quote of the Month - March 2007

"Meaningless violence can look great on screen, but in real life the bullets don't care who they hit and your highly-trained Taekwondo feet turn into instruments for running away with."

- Clive James.



There will be no training sessions on Friday 9th February, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Mount tkd Instructors.


Quote of the Month - February 2007

"Pain is the best instructor, but no one wants to go to his class."

- Choi, Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwon-Do.


Back Training!

After a long injury Master Davies (4th dan) is back training with us and taking it easy for now.



            Master Frost (5th dan) our chief instructor is out with an injury to his back. He will be back at the club in the next week or so but will not be instructing for a good few months. We all wish you a good recovery Master Frost.



       Matthew (1st poom) is also out of training with a broken leg. We hope you get better quickley & we see you back training soon matty. 



Quote of the Month - January 2007

"Its not the size of a man in a fight but the size of the fight in a man."

~ Andy Croft


Presentation Evening 2006

Another year is almost over and its presentation time. This is no ordinary year though, not only were there a lot more special presentations made than usual, this is the 21st year of Master Frosts participation in Taekwondo.

If you didnt make it to the presentation evening then i am sure you want to know the results, so here they are:

Black Belt Certificates

The following black belt certificates were handed out from the grading on Saturday 26th August:

Matthew 1st Poom (not present)

Chris 1st Poom (not present)

Andy Kilburn 1st Dan

John Deery 2nd Dan

Gareth Thomas 2nd Dan

Louise Mullaney 3rd Dan

John Sorensen 3rd Dan

Also a special black belt certificate presentation was given to Master Mullaney (5th Dan) by his daughter Louise Mullaney.

Kup Grading Awards

To be confirmed

Special Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award - Master Mullaney (5th Dan)

Outstanding Effort Award - Elle

Outstanding Improvement Award -  Hannah & Chelsae

Also Master Frost recieved a bottle of drambuie, a very well crafted homemade 21st card and 2 engraved glasses. below is a photo of Master Frost after recieving his Black Belt all those years ago.

And now for the Main Events:

The David Coggins Ettiquette Trophy


This year the ettiquette trophy was awarded to Brandon.

The Student of the Year Award

Runner up - Liam


Joint Winners - Andy Burns & Scot

Well done to all the students at the Mount!

Another year has gone by and the club just keeps getting better and better, and its all down to the great students we have.

The Mount tkd started with a mission to give opportunity to youngsters and keep them off the street

and in that respect we have also had a very successful year.

So thank you from all your instructors and enjoy Christmas and New year!


Quote of the Month - December 2006

"Sometimes the best way to deliver a punch is to step back, step back too far and you aint fighting at all."

~ "Scrap" (Morgan Freeman), Million Dollar Baby.

Kup Grading

     100% Pass Rate!!!

Well done to all students that took thier grading on friday 27th Oct! All the hard work paid off, Harry double graded to green belt, Liam came back from failing last time to pass with style this time and many others proved themselves worthy of their new belts.

"The Grading was a much better standard this time, with consistant performances and some excellent ones.
Some of the younger ones were tremendous and there were a couple of performances which really took me by surprise." - Master Frost 5th Dan (Chief Instructor).

The examiners were Master Jordan and Master Mullaney shown below,


Grading Results



Belt, Going for




 Yellow Tag

 Double Pass



 Yellow Tag

 Double Pass

 Donna Shears


 Yellow Tag

 Double Pass



 Green Tag




 Green Tag




 Green Tag

 Double Pass



 Green Tag




 Green Tag




 Green Tag




 Green Tag
















 Blue Tag




 Blue Tag




 Blue Tag


 Andrew Burns


 Blue Tag











Master Mullaney

Master Allan Mullaney, has over the last year or so become very close to our humble Taekwondo club. He turns up to the club and gives support, teachings and criticism to our members and a beating to some of our of our seniours.

Throughout his life, Master Mullaney has worked as a firefighter and a Royal Marine Commando, he has aquired endless knowledge of Martial Arts and is someone we are very lucky to have on our side.

Master Mullaney is an icon in our local Taekwondo community having taught people such as his Daughter Louise Mullaney, Master Davies (4th Dan), Master Frith (5th Dan) and our own instructor Master Frost (5th Dan).

At the Grade of 2nd Dan, Allan Mullaney (as he was known then) was struck with an illness which unabled him to committ himself as physically as he had done before, running 6 miles before a long, hard training session for example. This allowed for some of his students (mentioned above) to grade higher than him, but they still showed the same respect to him they allways had done.

Master Mullaney's Indomitable Spirit and Perserverence (both principles of Taekwondo) took him, despite his illness, up to the grade of 4th Dan which classed him as a Master of Taekwondo.

On Wednesday 8th November Master Mullaney Graded again at the Mount Taekwondo Club. He was Graded by Master Jordan (7th Dan) and Passed.

Master Mullaney showed his Knowledge of Taekwondo by dictating a whole pattern (kumgang) in Korean to his daughter Louise who performed it perfectly, he also showed his knowledge of self defence by beating up Paul (Mount TKD Instructor) through hand to hand combat and with his walking stick.

Master Mullaney (5th Dan)


Back Training!!

Thankfully another one of our many injured members is back training.

Brandon made a return last wednesday (15/11/06) after having recoverd from broken knuckles.

Its great to see you in the DO-JANG again Brandon!


Quote of the Month - November 2006

"Don't hit at all if it honorably possible to avoid
but never hit soft."
~ Theodore Roosevelt

Back Training!!

It is my pleasure to announce that Mr Oakley (Naith, 3rd Dan) has made a quick recovery and is back at training on a regular basis.

Quote of the Month - October 2006

From now on, every month i will try to put an inspiring quote on this club news page. So maby some of you will take it in and use the wise words to your advantage or it can just be a reason to look at the website at least once a month. We will start this off with one from our very own Andy Kilburn (1st Dan).

" "i can't" usually means "i won't" tell yourself you can! and you WILL! "


Now on Sale

The new Mount Taekwondo Club badges. Wear this badge with pride at competitions, visiting other clubs or just watching telly, show you are part of the Mount TKD family.


 for only



Black Belt Grading

Black belt candidates (below) graded Saturday 26th August, and here are their results:

 Name: Candidate For: Result:
 Matthew 1st Poom Pass
 Chris 1st Poom Pass
 Andrew Kilburn 1st Dan Pass
 John Deery 2nd Dan Pass
 Gareth Thomas 2nd Dan Pass
 Louise Mullaney 3rd Dan Pass
 John Sorensen 3rd Dan  Pass

Well done to all that graded. The standard the students showed on the floor was very good. They recieved a very hard grading from Master Quigley, who personaly tied the new first poom's and 1st dan's belts around them. Look out in the Fleetwood weekly news for a write up and photos. Thankyou to the students who turned up to be bodies for the sparring, you all worked very hard and Master Quigley was impressed. The new black belts can see Master Frost about getting a dan grade suit, or see Paul for an adidas suit.


a word from Master Frost:

"The ones who passed today, did themselves proud. The performance ranks alongside anything I've seen.
I wanted a hard grading, and questions to be asked, and boy, was it a hard one!!!
Fantastic to see Matty and Chris break the barrier.
Andy, so talented and yet so hard working.
Gareth and John D. it's great to get your first belt, but briliant to move on to the next one.
Louise, grading for the first time since 1989!!.
And "big" John, what an inspiration. Talk about indomitable spirit.
Is this the best group we have ever trained with?
I think so."

Again thankyou to Mrs G, Laura, Katy, Charlie, Paul, Stuart, Tom, Andy and Mr Billington for turning up to be sparring partners.

Thankyou to Master Quigley, Master Jordan and Master Mullaney for making up the grading panel.


Coach John Sorensen

As a token of our appreciation for our very commited and loyal coach, John Sorensen, the students all chipped in and awarded him with a card signed by everyone and a very large trophy engraved "John Sorensen, Team Coach, Thanks for all your time and effort, the Mount TaeKwonDo Club". John spends a large ammount of his own time (and his bosses time) looking for ways to improve our ever growing club. He is commited to get the best from his students and this shows at competitions. Thanks for all your effort John! 


Kup Grading

To the students that passed - Well Done! most of you put 100% in to it. Now its time to start learning new patterns and ironing out any bad habbits that you dont want to carry over to the grade you have just achieved, remember gradings just get harder the more you advance, so you must work harder to achieve the next grade. But for now just have fun for the next few weeks.

To the students that Failed - Take it on the Chin! you failed for a reason, so find out why, sort it out and go into your next grading with a fresh attitude. Dont give up! You will achieve your goals if you work hard to get there!



Paul Barton, Andy Kilburn, Nathan Oakley,

Aiden, Lloyd

Well done to the demo team that managed to make it to Larkholme Primary Schools sports week. There were only 5 students due to school and work but we managed to put on a show to be proud of with nothing going wrong. The children at Larkholme primary were so impressed with our respect and discipline that they followed our lead and bowed back to us. Also they were amazed by the kicking and breaking techniques and a few were very interested in taking up taekwondo.


Robert Wright Competition 2006


Check out more photos from the event on our student photo page

Many Congratulations to the team that entered the Robby Wright Comp 2006. We did brilliant bringing home 11 trophies: firsts, seconds and thirds. Our junior patterns team put on excellent performance getting their synchronisation down to a T. The junior individual competitors were amazing considering it was the first competition for some, especially Elle who was entered in to the Robert Wright Trophy where she came up against adults and instructors. Our destruction team put on an exciting demonstration at the end of the competition after coming first, second and third in the destruction event. Thankyou to all the parents and students who turned up to give support.

And a BIG THANKYOU to our Coach John Sorensen for training everyone up, shown below.